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Aerospace Education

New Mexico Wing Aerospace Education Staff:
Director of Aerospace Education: Lt. Col.  Roland Dewing
Internal Aerospace Education: Cpt. Rene Larricq              
External Aerospace Education: 2 Lt. Dylan Bryant              
          Assistant: Maj. Bob Will                                                       

Southwest Region AE Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Levent Vural CAP
Lt. Col. Levent is a Aerospace Engineer by profession

NEW MEXICO SQUADRON AEO’S as listed in e-services dated 12 Dec. 2020
ST enrolled = enrolled to become Technician

ALAMOGORDO Composite SQUADRON 073        Primary:1st Lt. Kaila A Poole – AE Tech
            Alternate:  SM. Ali Hamidani – ST enrolled

Albuquerque Heights Composite Sq. 083               Primary:  Cpt. Rene Larricq – AE Senior
           Alternates:  2 Lt. Dylan P Bryant – Technician

                                    1st Lt. Mark K Chappell –S
T enrolled,
                                    Maj. Mary Ann Fox  – AE Master

ALBUQUERQUE SENIOR SQUADRON  II  030      Primary:   Maj. Donald A  Aspden –  ST enrolled
             Alternate: SM.  Joseph G Lukas-Drouillard – ST enrolled

CLOVIS Composite Squadron 060                               Primary:  Maj. Jude M Flores – AE Master
              Alternates : 1st Lt. Christopher S Larson – AE Tech
                                       2d Lt. Scott K Winters
ST enrolled
EAGLE Squadron  012                                                       Primary:  Capt. James McKelvey –  AE Tech
              Alternate:    Bryan S Neal –  AE Tech

FARMINGTON Composite Squadron  068                 Primary: Capt. Mark J Everson – ST enrolled
               Alternate:    Lt. Col. Alta Zenonian – AE Master

LAS CRUCES Composite Sq.  024                                   Primary:  2d Lt. Kyle D Kenerley –  AE Tech

LOS ALAMOS Composite Sq. 016                                   Primary:   Maj. David McClard  – ST enrolled

RIO RANCHO FALCON Composite Sq.  077                Primary:    1st Lt. Keith J Dirsa –  AE Tech,

ROSWELL Composite Sq.  082                                         Primary:   MAJ.   Stanley A Nelson – ST enrolled
                Alternate:  Frank J Lavolpa –
ST enrolled

ROUTE 66 Composite Squadron  085                             Primary:
                 Alternate:   Lt. Col. Roger X Lenard  – AE Senior

SANTA FE  Composite Sq.  018                                             Primary:    Maj. Mark C Rollins – AE Senior
Capt. Jason C Clark – SE Senior
                  Alternate:   Capt. Allan W Wood  –  ST enrolled

SOCORRO Composite Sq. 084                                               Primary:    1st Lt. William AndersonST enrolled

TAOS Composite Sq. 006                                                         Primary:    Lt. Col. John A Fair –  AE Senior,
                                                                                                                                2d Lt.   Spencer Warren Hamons – AE Tech

THUNDERBIRD  Composite Sq. 033                                  Primary:  2d Lt. Martin W Slack  –  ST enrolled
                  Alternate:  1st Lt. Spencer Graham

WEST MESA Composite Sq. 055                                         Primary:    1st Lt.  Earl W Graff – 
ST enrolled

                                GROUP 800   Cadet Squadrons           Primary:  Maj.  Jessica D Makin –  AE Master

LBJ Middle School    Middle School   811                          Primary:     2d Lt. Gabriel M Armstrong –  AE Tech
SM Savannah N Bradly – AE Tech
                                          2d Lt. Jason D Jacobs – AE Tech
                                          1st Lt. Martin B Pecorella –
ST enrolled
                                           Maj.  Jessica D Makin –  AE Mast
 TONY HILLERMAN Middle School 818                           Primary:    Capt.  Orien W Newton –  AE  Senior

 BELEN Middle School   819                                                  Primary:    1st Lt. Frank A DeRose –    AE Tech

 SOCORRO High School  822                                                Primary:    1st Lt. William C Armijo –  ST enrolled
                  Alternate:    SM Savannah Noel Bradley – AE Tech

CLOVIS Middle Schools   823                                                Primary:     Capt. Laura J DeBusk    –  AE Tech
1st Lt. Eran East  – AE Senior
                                         Maj. Lawrence A Fields  –  AE Tech

New Mexico Aerospace Education advisors:

CAP Maj.  John English (Space Science)
(Data engineer on Mariner mission to Mars)
CAP Capt. Ken Johnston (Apollo Specialist)
(Trained Apollo Astronauts to fly lunar module,)
AEM Jerald Cross (Model Rocket Specialist)

Mini Aerospace Extravaganza
Speakers, rockets and airplanes  TBA

Aerospace Officer workshop TBA

AEO’s AEROSPACE EDUCATION Squadron Activity reports are  completed in e-services
REPORTS due Oct. 15

NOMINATED AWARDS Due Wing   Dec 15 through e-services ,

  Anyone member  (Cadet or Senior) can summit a nomination. Please take the time to nominate cadets and seniors for the award they deserve!  The Wing AE awards  are forward to Region to compete for AE Region awards, Regions forwards their selection on to National for the selection of AE National Awards. (Click on award to be directed to National AE about AE awards

Frank G. Brewer – Civil Air Patrol Memorial Aerospace Awards 
(Wing AE Cadet of the year) is Category I – Civil Air Patrol Cadet Member
(Wing AE Senior of the year) is Category II – Civil Air Patrol Senior Member
Category III – Individual or Organization outside of Civil Air Patrol
Category IV – Lifetime Achievement

Wing Aerospace Education Officer of the Year
Wing Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year


Squadron Aerospace Education Excellence Award  every squadron should be working on getting the AE excellence award. Complete six aerospace activities and one two-hour or longer field experience (space day, trip to the airport or museum, etc.) between Oct 31 2019- Sept 2020,to earn  receive color certificates for your squadron and students.

Yeager Award Every senior should work to get the Yeager Award, the on line test for “Aerospace the Journey of Flight” the book can be downloaded in eservices, AE downloads and resources.

 Mary Fiek 1924-2016  ( Cadet Achievement 3)
Attended several New Mexico Wing conferences and our Aerospace Extravaganza.


19 year old Mary Fiek inspecting her design of a Captivair for a WWII P-51

  National Headquarters Aerospace Education

AEO Schools, reports Awards for senior, cadets and Teachers, AEX Awards Program,
AFA Grants, Teacher TOP, Model Rocketry Program, Publications

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